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“It was either a childhood injury or my right hip was never right. I don’t remember a time when it was flexible enough to sit cross-legged. For the last 10 years, it had slowly gotten worse. Finally, it hurt to walk and movement was even more restricted than ever. I could only swing my leg about 3 or 4 inches to the side. One day the hip temporarily ‘locked up’ altogether in the shower. I finally accepted the hip had to be replaced. With hip surgery coming up I did all the things I knew to prepare properly: diet, exercise and a call to Carol Jensen for her special type of hypnotherapy. At her office, Carol spent the better part of an hour exploring what outcome I really wanted from the surgery. From that, she created a 30 minute personal guided-imagery recording for me to listen to every day until the surgery. The doctor said I could expect to use a walker at first, then gradually transition to a cane. After three months I would probably be able to stop using the cane. My result was very different. The day after surgery, I tried a cane. It worked fine and it didn’t hurt to walk. A week later, I put the cane down and never used it again. I never had the pain or discomfort everyone said I’d have. All the nurses, doctors and staff who commented on my recovery literally said the same thing: “This is unheard of!” What was supposed to take 3 months happened in a week. Thanks to Carol’s prepare-for-surgery hypnosis approach, there was no pain following the surgery. The only discomfort was when I pushed my hip to the limit. Thank you, Carol. You really know your stuff. Your technique is one of the essential surgery preparations everyone should do.”

Robert Gandrup

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“I am happy to introduce you to Rob Ryan. I’ve worked with him for the past 16 months. I call him my board of directors. He is such a wonderful support for my life regarding my divorce, my children, family/friend relationships, my shop, selling real estate investments etc. I would not be as healthy and happy today if he were not in my life. He makes life fun and easier. You will be amazed by what he will help you accomplish. I LOVE HIM!”

Laurie Hermann, Newport Beach, CA

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“Karin’s InnerEvolution program has completely changed my life for the better. I had recently turned 30, been through a devastating divorce (two years prior) and was desperately seeking to evolve personally and emotionally. I had read all of the self-help and self-improvement books I could stand. I knew I needed personal guidance. That’s when I found Karin. In a few short weeks of working with her I have started down a new path in life. Karin Leonard has an amazing way of empathizing with your emotions and helping you to understand the cause and your reaction to them. I have to admit though, the hypnotherapy and meditation are my favorite parts of my sessions with her! Prior to meeting Karin I had never undergone any sort of hypnotherapy. I am now a believer and I listen to our meditations nightly – I can’t go to bed unless I have. I am so happy and grateful to the universe for allowing my path to cross with Karin’s. Life has never looked so beautiful and promising”

C. G. | Santa Cruz, CA

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“Dear Dr. Michael, I just want to let you know that the L-Carnitine that you suggested I take for my elevated triglycerides has given me back the energy I had 30 years ago! And I look forward to the astonishment on my MD’s face with the next lab results. Of course I also want to thank you again for the homeopathic remedy to help me sleep, and we must mention how you cured me of benign paroxysmal positional vertigo after my last yoga class. Who would have even known that it existed? Well, you would, and did, and cured me within a few minutes with various simple head positions. I thought I had a stroke, and was on my way to the ER! I’m really glad you’re here in Santa Cruz. I’ll tell the entire world that Dr. Michael Slezak is a Miracle Worker! Thank you over and over.”

Corinne Jackson | Adventure Guide

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“It’s been 13 years since the breast cancer diagnosis that made time in my life stand still. This Stage 4 prognosis was the kind that had the doctor looking me square in the eye to tell me to get my affairs in order. I could not have made it through without the warm loving guided imagery and attentive hypnotherapy provided by Carol Jensen. I was accustomed to the process of hypnotherapy with Carol, but suddenly I was working with her to save my life, visualizing the healing light that would bring me to the other side, a whole woman again. During that 14 hour long surgery, I wore a headset that played Carol’s familiar soothing voice, continually looping, and reminding me that I could and would make it. Initially the doctors told me that they would take one side of the stomach muscle, disconnect it and feed it to the shoulder area where they would form a new breast. And I was prepared to walk a little more bent over because where the muscle stayed attached, it would definitely pull me forward. But doctors told me later, that I was so relaxed during the surgery, my blood flow so even and calm, that they were confident they could successfully remove the stomach muscle in its entirety and reattached as a complete breast. The guided imagery continued through the chemotherapy protocol, working to cleanse my cells of any lingering cancer. Thirteen years later I still listen to my healing tape in gratitude and thanksgiving that Carol is still an integral part of my life.”

Marilyn Luma | Designer and Entrepreuner


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“I saw Carol when I was hugely pregnant and anticipating birthing my first child. A visual and sensual image appeared to me with Carol’s help: that of a clear strong energetic wind, blowing easily through me from my crown to my feet. In the labor of birth, this wind image strengthened and softened me. I trusted my body to open to let the strong wind blow easily through, allowing my healthy baby boy to be born. Sixteen years later, that image is still a vivid memory, one of a woman, about to be transformed, empowering herself with a deep knowing. Thank you Carol Jensen for partnering with me and countless others to discover our own images and paths to aliveness.”

Kristen Jacobsen | Leadership, Teamwork, Change


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“As a cancer survivor with lasting side effects from chemotherapy andradiation, I rely on Marilyn Berta’s work to help maintain an excellent quality of life. Without her expert care I could not do the “normal” activities that most people take for granted.”

Nancy Hanson

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“Dear Rob Ryan, I have a little story to share with you. My mother had gotten a reading from you for our eight year old son, Theo. Now she got this done when he was only 2 days old. I didn’t pay much attention to listening to the tape, perhaps I heard little snippets here or there. Well around Theo’s 8th birthday, he was a handful and we were feeling at a loss. So my husband got out this astrological reading for us to listen to. This is where the shift came. It was incredibly accurate and so insightful. I immediately had a shift in my relationship for Theo and began to have an incredible amount of love for him, knowing he was being who he was supposed to be, and doing what he was meant to do. My husband and I felt so much compassion for where he was and how we could work with him better. Truly like a map of Theo’s journey. Thank you again for your reading.”

Jeannemarie & Geoff

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