Meredith Armstrong, Master Reiki and Art Practitioner

I believe we are here to be creative and use our dreams and intuition as guides. As an empathic healer, my specialty lies in listening intently to what people are feeling and unable to say. By making these things visible, what may have otherwise gone overlooked becomes important information that aids in healing someone holistically.

I’ve spent over twenty years making art and have studied fine arts at the university level, but it wasn’t until I found my spiritual teachers that I was able to finish and finally put things together. My teachers are David Gleekel of The Reiki Center of Greater Washington and Karallyn Streit, a Shamanic Healer and Trauma Recovery Coach. I am a master practitioner in both the traditional Usui and modern Gendai forms of Reiki, with additional certifications in Shamanic Reiki, Sekhem-Seichim (Egyptian) Reiki, and Integrated Energy Therapy- Advanced.

The paths of Reiki and Art, I have found, are actually very similar and complimentary. It is my mission to help people feel more centered, grounded, and at peace in their hearts, knowing all answers lie within, and to help clients draw these out with inspired action.

art therapy santa cruzMeredith Armstrong

Master Reiki and Integrated Energy Therapy Practitioner

Email: Meredith (at) naturereiki.art to reserve a spot!

Or call : 831-334-8782

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