Leo Troast Blossom Bodywork

I am passionate about helping my clients achieve balance in both their minds and bodies. I firmly believe in the importance of the body-mind connection and the role that massage therapy can play in supporting overall health. Massage is a powerful tool for processing and releasing emotional and physical tension. I am constantly amazed by the ability of our bodies to adapt and support us and I am honored to play a role in supporting my clients’ health and well-being. With strong communication and the right environment I believe there is an amazing amount of processing and positive change that can be had in a session.

As a queer person, I know the value of and need for good bodywork in the queer community. Nurturing touch and intentional care is often inaccessible or overlooked in our communities. We need bodyworkers who understand the unique and challenging pressures put on queer folks in our society. I am proud and excited to be able to offer informed body work to my community and create a nurturing space for my fellow queer people.

Outside of my work as a massage therapist, I love spending time in nature, hanging out with cute little dogs (the smaller the better), and cooking for my loved ones.


(831) 325-2711

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