Joseph Walencewicz, CMT Massage and Craniosacral Therapies

Skills & Interests:

Joseph Walencewicz, a dynamic and motivated learner, thrives in the ever-shifting landscape of massage therapy. Currently apprenticing in manual osteopathy, his expertise extends to craniosacral therapies. With a collaborative mindset, Joseph tailors his approach to meet clients’ specific needs, seamlessly integrating a variety of massage techniques and modalities for a personalized and effective therapeutic experience.

Personal Highlights:

As an active member of the Santa Cruz community since 2015, Joseph finds profound joy in connecting with his Native Hawaiian heritage, practicing QiGong, and cherishing serene moments by the ocean. A culinary enthusiast, he indulges in the art of Gong Fu tea service, sharing his favorite Puerh tea from the Yunnan district of China. A genuine dog lover, Joseph appreciates the companionship and joy these four-legged friends bring to his life.

This blend of skills and personal passions reflects Joseph’s holistic approach to life, integrating professional excellence with a rich tapestry of personal interests and community engagement.  Joseph aims to create a therapeutic space that reflects the warmth and support reminiscent of a close-knit family, where every client’s unique needs are met with genuine care and consideration.

For questions and to schedule an appointment, call 831-400-8408 or email Jpwalencewicz(at)gmail.com

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