Eva M Clark, Medical Hypnotherapist

Eva has rented several offices at the Branciforte Plaza.  She began at the Center for Health almost a decade ago renting a room part-time as her practice began to grow. Today, Eva has a full-time practice and directs the Center for Health.

“If something is happening in your life; it’s happening in your body as well.”  – Eva M Clark

Eva M Clark is a clinical medical hypnotherapist that works at the Center and through video conferencing globally. She works with allergies, IBS, and chronic diseases as well as trauma and anxiety. Eva has spent almost a decade specializing in multiple sclerosis and teaches other practitioners how to use mind-based therapies to address the deeper causes behind chronic disease.

Eva uses an array of mind-based therapies from clinical hypnotherapy, Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), parts-therapy, inherited family trauma, regression therapy, coaching and more.




(415) 699 2574



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