Erin Wood, Licensed Acupuncturist and Herbalist

Erin Wood (she/her) is a Licensed Acupuncturist and Herbalist, and holds a M.S. in East Asian Medicine. Erin loves to use acupuncture and herbs to alleviate pain, diminish stress, improve digestion and boost immunity.  Her goal is to share the tools of East Asian Medicine with our community, so folks have more strategies to find balance in their lives.  Acupuncture can offer those pain-free moments and a calming respite from the hectic world.  When we have these breaks from pain and stress, we have more resolve to go back out there and do the work we are meant to do.

Erin studied Cultural Anthropology, with a focus on Ibero-American Studies, at UC Santa Cruz and graduated with honors in 2002.  She later earned a Master’s degree from the Acupuncture and Integrative Medicine College in Berkeley, California in 2009 and started her practice in 2010.  Her experience ranges from working at a hospital on Lake Atitlan, Guatemala, several senior centers in the East Bay, the Downtown Oakland Kaiser’s Chemical Dependency Recovery Program, and in Yoga for Grief workshops.  For over 7 years, she worked with chronic pain patients and cancer survivors through Kaiser Oakland, as well as at the Charlotte Maxwell Complementary Clinic.  Erin is passionate about accessible and affordable healthcare for all, racial and economic justice, sharing herbal knowledge, and connecting with nature, whether that be by sitting in the sand or taking a stroll in the forest.  She speaks Spanish and works both in Boulder Creek and Santa Cruz.




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