Chris Hallford Pain & Performance Specialist

Although I go by Chris, I am also known as “The Muscle Whisperer” to my clients. I took myself from extreme pain, to high levels of performance in sports and life, PAIN FREE. I am best known for getting to the root causes of pain and dysfunction while designing evidence-based programs that keep the problems away.

This is my story…

Early Stages

I started working on clients in a gym in 1999, while working 3 other jobs in construction and waiting tables. Hard work and dedication are in my DNA, and I knew at a young age that helping people was what I was most passionate about. After working with multiple doctors, therapists, and in a functional medicine clinic, I started my own business in 2007 and have never looked back!

Present Day

I attract athletes and people from all over, including the NBA, NFL, MLB, Olympians and top collegiate athletes. Many of them have tried every specialist for aches and pains around, but end up finding me because I have a knack for solving, and fixing the pains and injuries most other professionals struggle with. Whether it’s through exercise, bodywork or training the mind, I will find a program that works for you.

My clients are diverse, from kids to elderly and injured to elite athletes.

For more about me and my services, you can check out my website https://www.gotfunction.com.

Please note: I have two offices, one in Milpitas and one in Santa Cruz.

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