Alex Weber, CMT, CMLDT

At the age of 21, my life took a pivotal turn when I underwent major pelvic reconstructive surgery. The challenges of rehabilitation ignited my passion for supporting others on their paths to wellness and recovery.

With a foundation in human biology and physiology from my undergrad, I decided to immerse myself in the hands-on world of bodywork. Graduating massage school I offered bodywork with techniques of Deep Tissue and Swedish massage, Structural Integration, Polarity, and Craniosacral therapy, yet I was eager to broaden my understanding. I embarked on a year-long transformative journey through Southeast Asia, where I explored traditional Thai bodywork and herbal medicine, and the art of Ayurvedic Medicine in a Post-Graduate university course. Recently I’ve integrated Osteopathic palpation techniques and Manual Lymphatic Drainage training into my repertoire, to service of a diverse range of clients, from athletes seeking peak performance to individuals undergoing pre and post-operative care. As an avid athlete, surfer, backpacker and highly active human, I understand where to find trigger points and how to approach them. Because of my past, my greatest passion lies in the world of recovery, especially holistic scar tissue and adhesion release.

For me, massage therapy transcends the physical; it is an art of listening that fosters profound connections – both interpersonally and between the mind and body. My goal is to provide your body with the platform to express itself, to be heard, and to be honored. Through a blend of modalities and personal experiences, I aim to facilitate the restoration of your tissues vitality and your body-mind connection. With this comes pain reduction, improvements in range of motion, promotion of detoxification and healing, and the cultivation of energetic balance and physiological harmony.

Join me on this journey towards holistic well-being, where together, we can restore the innate potential for vitality and equilibrium within you.

Contact me through alexwebersemail (at) gmail.com as well as my website https://www.alexwebermassage.com

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