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Karin Leonard – Certified Coach, Hypnotherapist, and NLP Practitioner

October 13, 2016

Karin is a seasoned practitioner who is known for her compassionate, intuitive and highly effective approach, leading to quick results.

Karin has studied with the pioneers in hypnosis, process therapy and professional coaching, and holds advanced certifications in hypnosis and NeuroLinguistic Programming (NLP) from Halcyon College and from Laura Grinder & Associates, is certified in life coaching through the International Coaches Federation, and has a BA and teaching credential in Biology from Colorado University.

Karin is the author of a highly popular, monthly column entitled “Personal Mastery” in the San Francisco Bay Area’s Connection Magazine ( since 1993, and has published over 100 articles. An experienced and popular presenter within corporations as well as through seminars, Karin holds a certificate in public speaking from Toastmasters International. Ms. Leonard participates on radio talk shows and produces broadcast-quality CDs.

Karin is a successful visual artist and has frequent shows. You can see some examples of her artwork here. Ms. Leonard is a native of Germany, and speaks fluent English, German and French. For more information and to sign up for Karin’s complementary e-zine, please visit

Karin Leonard – Client Testimonials

“It’s as if Karin helped me find the master switch and pull it. I’d been through a number of tragic accidents / business dealings over a short period of time. I couldn’t even breathe. I definitely needed coaching! Karin Leonard taught me that to get the results I wanted, I could actually re-program myself. I learned to focus on what beliefs I wanted to have – versus the ones I’d been told I had to have, and had been running on all my life. I had spent many valuable resources on many different types of therapies, but all of these only focused on why or how my problems were happening, not what to do to fix them.”

Karen Hansen | Facilitator at the University of Phoenix

“Karin is a wise and sensitive coach, and a gifted hypnotist. Her work has immediate effects. I realized profound shifts, both personally and professionally, in a very short time working with Karin. The personalized audiotapes she makes for her clients are a wonderful way to continue receiving the benefits of her work between sessions.”

Maggie Muir, MA | Family Counselor and Post-partum Doula

“Karin has been a great support during a major transition process in my life, including personal life change and career shifts. Through her skills as coach, hypnotherapist and especially through her intuition, I feel totally seen by Karin, and deeply supported to be my most authentic and successful self. The work that I have been doing with Karin is not only about manifesting goals and practical needs, but integration with deep soul needs and alignment. Karin’s trust in a natural unfolding of Self supports a relaxation into just what my process is. She creates a space for me to honor and accept and be truly who I am and to define my goals from that place.”

Susan Heinz | Astrologer & Teacher

“Karin provided skillful life coaching, which shifted me from being completely stuck into being in high momentum, with all aspects of my life in a matter of weeks. She helped me to articulate goals and take steps towards each goal every day. My family, friends and mostly myself have been amazed at the unbelievable results. Karin’s encouragement was the key for me to realize my potential at warp speed. I am forever grateful to her for this gift.”

Kate Christopherson | La Selva Beach, CA

“Karin is an amazingly qualified hypnotherapist. I have asked her to make self hypnosis tapes for me. She has an innate ability to put your thoughts together in a very cohesive tape. Karin seems to have a sixth sense about how to word your ideas into an effective tape made specifically for your needs. Her sense of expressing perfectly what your needs are is amazing. She has a calm and soothing voice that inspires confidence in the listener. I marvel at her talent with words and the exact phrasing for statements that cover your needs. I recommend her as a truly gifted hypnotherapist with an incredible talent for creating personalized tapes that will help you reach your dreams and goals. Thank you.”

D.S. Munoz

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