About CfH


To provide a spiritual sanctuary for emotional healing, physical health care and education to all our clients. To provide our clients with the best complementary health care available attracting the best practitioners of the healing arts. To work alongside our friends and associates. To be able to refer appropriately for care and products.

The CFH is the professional home of close to two dozen complementary health care providers. We offer Psychotherapy (holistic, EMDR, pediatric and couples therapy,), Hypnotherapy, Coaching, Various forms of Bodywork, (Feldenkrais, Swedish Massage, Rolfing, Light Touch Therapy, Visceral Mobilization and Craniosacral Therapy). We also provide Functional, homeopathic & Naturopathic medicine.


center for healthThe Center for Health opened its doors in January 1993.  Carol Jensen and Rob Ryan had a dream of creating an interdisciplinary Health Center. After a year long search for the ideal space, Rob and Carol found suite 260 of the Branciforte Plaza on Soquel Ave. They immediately felt at home in this beautiful building. The Center has remained under their care for 29 years. Eva M Clark, who opened her medical hypnotherapy practice at the Center almost a decade ago, took over its direction in 2021 to continue to provide a home to the healing arts practices of Santa Cruz.

The center is located on the main floor of the Branciforte Plaza, the former maternity ward of the old Santa Cruz Dominican Hospital (sisters hospital). The Hospital was built on the Spanish Branciforte Land Grant. The old land grant encompassed an Olohne Indian site near a healing spring. The Spanish settlers built a school on the site, taking care to preserve the spring by turning it into a well. The old hospital incorporated the bricks from the old well into a fountain in front of the current building.

Historically it has housed, healed and birthed so many people of our Santa Cruz community. The Branciforte Plaza looks out over our Monterey Bay Marine Sanctuary. It is only minutes from downtown Santa Cruz, the Boardwalk, Highway 1, and Highway 17.

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